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Bad Girls

Female villains are becoming more and more popular. They often have a similair look – black hair, pale skin, sometimes bright red lips. That, or just pure evilness. And sometimes, you really can’t help but feel a little sorry for them. They take bad to the next level. It’s common to see males manipulating armies, slaughtering all those who object to his rein, and basically obliterating whatever annoys him. But when you see girls do it in a subtle,mcreepy way, you can’t really help but shudder and go, “that girl is bad.” Here’s a list of bad girls who get things done. I didn’t put them in any order, because I like them all too much to decide.


Morgana (Merlin)


Morgana is possibly the coolest female villain of all time. You can’t really help but pity her sometimes. She’s gorgeous, and she’s also powerful. Every girl wants to look like Morgana -at least, I do! I loved hating her. And in the end I couldn’t help but wish she’d lived.

Regina (Once Upon a Time)


Regina’s a little like Morgana in that she’s so pretty you’d never expect her to be evil. Yet, there’s something a little sinister about her smile, and that apple tree in her back yard. Manipulative, violent, even cruel to the point where she would kill her own father to gain power, Regina, aka the Evil Queen, is a despicable villian.

Cia (The Legend of Zelda)


Cia was so sweet, so innocent. However, love she could not have, hunger for power she did not possess, and the malice of Ganondorf twisted her into a monster, seperating the light inside of her into the sorceress, Lana. And yet, you have to admire Cia. Espcially the way she defiantly yells, “I am nobody’s puppet!” And her magic is very cool.

The Cheif Elder (The Giver) and President Coin (The Hunger Games)


I put them together because they’re pretty much the same person. They both seem good, until you find out the lengths they will go to in order to achieve their goal, and the means they will use to keep their government intact. Old, neat-haired, controllative under the kind mask, Chief Elder and Alma Coin are so alike it’s scary. The Giver was published before the Hunger Games, though.

And that, my dear, is what we call plagiraism…

Clove (The Hunger Games)


Okay, so technically Clove isn’t evil. She kills people because she’s a tribute, a Career, and a girl who cn only get home by doing so. However. The way she kills is unnecessary and ruthless. It’s like… she enjoys it. Well, she’s from District 2. She’s been training for the Games her whole life. But she didn’t have to go about it like that. Still, the way she screams for Cato is pitiable.

These girls are all a little creepy, some a little cool, and all bad to the core. But that’s why we love them.


17 thoughts on “Bad Girls

  1. Hela, Loki’s daughter from Marvel/Roman Mythology. Emma Frost, when she was the White Queen in X-Men. Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter. Blackfire, Starfire’s sister from Teen Titans. There’s so many beautiful and worthy female villains 🙂


      1. I just looked it up! They were, but they broke up. That’s a really good match though.
        And apparently she was in Cinderella. The Godmother and Bellatrix are complete opposites – how does she do it?!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The same way Johnny Depp does. They’re just very versatile actors. I believe if i was an actor, i’d be able to do the same thing. It has to do with having completely control of all your emotions and it takes soul and hardship to gain that ability.


      3. That kind of talent takes being dragged through the worst parts of life and surviving to tell the tale. No one is born to be Bellatrix or Johnny Depp. He’s my favorite actor of all times. Hbu?


      4. That’s awesome. Those are some other versatile actresses. 🙂 its cool when an actor can portray themselves both as a hero and as a villain iconically.


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