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Top Five Most Handsome Men in Lord of the Rings

LotR is known for epic battles, beautiful music, and good-looking guys. At least, in my world. Here’s my top five list.

5. Eomer


He’s got this cute little mustache, and this kind of oval-shaped face that’s just so adorable. *sigh*

4. Aragorn


Aragorn’s rather good-looking. He ought to be higher on this list. However, he has terrible higene – for half of the trilogy he looks as though he’s been living without baths for a month. So that’s why he only made number four.

3. Legolas


I must give credit where credit is due. Legolas is pretty. Very pretty. But his character isn’t really my favorite, so he sort of was biased into spot three. Ack! Spare me!

2. Faramir


I have always been a bit obsessed with Robin Hood. Faramir looks like Robin Hood if he fell apart every time his mean father said rude offensive things. But he’s so handsome. Still, what is with men and long hair in these movies?

1. Frodo


Frodo is beautiful. That thick curly black hair and that creamy pale skin and those gorgeous blue eyes…. so he got the top spot. Even though he’s fairly messy at time.

What’s your top five? Did I miss anybody? Are you mad that Legolas was only spot three? Let me know!


11 thoughts on “Top Five Most Handsome Men in Lord of the Rings

  1. I beg to differ… for me Aragorn is absolutely the most handsome and carismatic of these five. 🙂 I would also add Boromir, personally. 😉


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