Legend of Zelda Fanfiction

Journey Out of Ordon

Basically this is a fanfiction where Link leaves Ordon and begins his journey. Not exactly angst, but it might be a little sad… I guess it leans more towards adventure.


“Hmm.” Midna toyed with the sword and sheild in her hands, swinging them around from her perch on Wolf-Link’s back and nearly taking his ear off. “So these are the weapons people use in your world? Kind of funny-looking.” She put the cheild on her face like a mask, then took it off and giggled. “Ehehehee! But I guess maybe you’ll know how to use them when you get back to your original state. Or should I say, if? Ehehehee! Anyway, we’ve got to go find the Dused Shadow.”

Link rolled his eyes, which despite his transformation had remained blue. Midna kept talking about this Fused Shadow, but not yet told him what it did or why she needed it. He was a bit annoyed with her, too – after all, Ordon, his home village, had just been attacked and the children carried off as spoils of war. And now Link was a beast. On top of all that, he had this sassy imp-girl giggling and ordering him around. He sighed and padded to the edge of the village.

“What’re you waiting for?” Midna asked. “Taking a last look around? You may as well. Might be awhile before we come back… if we ever do come back. You might die out there.”She cocked her head towards the dark path they were about to take. “Or, I might. Or we both might! Ehehehee!”

Link growled a little.

“Oh, hurt your feelings, have I?” Midna flashed a smile and ran her fingers through her bobbing locks of orange hair. “Sorry. May as well make light of it. Ha! Get it? Light.  And your world is falling under shadow? Eh-”

Link barked angrily, cutting off her laugh. She smirked and jumped backwards, dissolving into black bubbles and merging back together on the other side of a tree. “You’re cute,” she said. “Loyal, too. Helpful sometimes. Overall, good servant, good beast, I like having you around. Besides, I don’t mind being carried around.”

Link’s eyes travelled over Ordon as Midna chattered. He had spent his whole life here, in this village, laughing by the spring with Ilia, shooting slingshots with Talo and Colin, and herding the goats for Fado. Would he ever come back? Would he die out there, with no one but a girl he barely knew beside him? When it came down to leaving, he was terrified.

But, he would never save Colin, Malo, Talo, Beth, or Ilia, by sitting in fear, or by waiting as a wolf. He had to return to himself. And he had to fight for his friends.. even if he had to put up with Midna. He purred softly, and she came back over, smirking. She landed firmly on his back and he started down the darkened path.


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