Spinner Rail Room in Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess today I aquired the incredible spinner, which looks like this image and is extremly useful for getting through the Arbiter’s Grounds. Then I found IT. The rail room that led to the boss key. This room is basically a maze of rails that you have to navigate on your spinner, or, as I call ot, the Fantasy Skateboard Park. They could have just had one or two rails, but instead made the choice to line every surface with them, and throw in some Stalfos and steel traps for the fun of it. I absolutely loved it. Rather than progressing with the game, I killed a ton of time just cruzing around from rail to rail. It was the most fun Nintendo had ever given me – and almost made up for the ten years they scared off my life with Death Sword. Almost. Then I deliberately kept going back. I loved it so much I made a whole blog post about it. ^.^ It was the best thing that ever happened to Zelda, period.



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