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Why Midna is Link’s Best Companion

Hello my fellow hylians!

For my 14th birthday on June 6th, I recieved Twilight Princess! And I’m on the Kakariko Light Spirit stage, but that’s not the point of this post. The point is, I just want to say that Midna is the best companion a Zelda game has ever had, and here are some reasons why.

1. She isn’t annoying


Link’s companions are often, shall we say, experiencing what I call the Lack of Personality syndrome, or just don’t have a good personality. Don’t get me wrong – I love Fi, I really do – but she’s a little dull at times. Ha! Get it? She’s a sword, so she’s dull… XD. Cielia was bland. Zelda was useless. Navi drove me nuts. Midna’s isn’t like that, though – she feels like a character who will genuinely help you when you need it, but she also leaves you alone and makes you figure things out yourself. Which is the point of the game after all. And we never have to hear, “Hey, Listen!” which is a major plus.

2. Midnink.


EEEE! *fangirls* *fangirls* *fangirls*

3. She’s sassy


Tatl had slight sass, but after a while you practically never even talk to her anymore and she becomes uninteresting. Midna’s kept up her sass thus far, and I hope it stays going strong, because it makes her feel so real. Sweet Zelda characters and cutesy Zelda characters are devoid of interest. Well, except Saria, but we’ll talk about her awesomeness in another post.

4. She’s got awesome character design.


Okay, I know Midna’s not responsible for the way she looks, but I’m just going to say it – Nintendo did a great job on her character design. And the tatoos on her arms are awesome.  If I ever got tattoos they would look like hers.

5. She accidentally started a revolution.

People pestered Nintendo to bring her back until finally she was put into Hyrule Warriors. Twice. But it’s STILL not enough, and they STILL want another game with her. Well, I stand beside them. I want Midna back. And she is, in my opinion, the single coolest companion Link has ever had.


6 thoughts on “Why Midna is Link’s Best Companion

  1. Yes! Sometimes Midna bugs me, but other times she is the most amazing character ever. By the way, congrats on getting Twilight Princess! Oh, and this is Eruleese.


    1. Eruleese!!! Yes, she bugged me a little at first too. So we’ve got Katooni, Anna, and Eruleese… We should throw a party! And everyone else reading this is just like, “what.”


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