Lord of the Rings Fanfiction

Aragorn x Eowyn

Summary and fanfiction contain several spoilers.

A very dear friend of mine is a huge Arawyn shipper. She says that she feels as though she is riding a ship down a river, and then she sees a cannon that is labeled Aragorn x Arwen, and it sinks her ship. So she asked me, “please H.G., will you do me a favor and write a fanfiction where Aragorn ends up with Eowyn and post it on your blog?” And I said, “Sure…” even though I ship Arwenagorn pretty hard… because I ship Farawyn too.. but still I suppose one Arawyn fanfic won’t hurt. So here we go. Read and review.


Aragorn rushed into the houses of healing as Eowyn, Faramir, and Merry were placed into beds. All were unconcious.

“My lord,” gasped the healer, examining Eowyn’s arm. “The lady Eowyn?… This wound is that of a sword.”

“And not any mere sword,” Aragorn said grimly. “She has been cut by the blade of the Witch-King of Angmar, leader of the Nazgûl.”

The healer drew in his breath. “What can be done for her, my lord?”

“Gather Athelas and bandages.” He turned to see a blank look in the healer’s eyes. “Athelas!” he said. “Kingsfoil!”

“Of course, my lord,” the healer said bowing.

“Enough of that, just go find some!” Aragorn practically screamed. The healer nodded and shuffled out, not nearly fast enough, Aragorn thought as he turned back to his charge. Eowyn was lying still and cold, her face pale. Aragorn was struck suddenly by how beautiful she was. He reached out a trembling hand, brushed back the hair spilling onto Eowyn’s cheek and let his hand rest there. A shudder ran through her body, and her head tilted slightly, pressing her soft cheek closer into Aragorn’s weathered, calloused hand. A sigh escaped her fair lips and she lay still again. Aragorn felt a few tears slip out of his eyes, rolling down his face and dropping onto the still form of Rohan’s princess. He bent down and whispered, “my lady, you must recover. Your people have great need of you. And I -” He felt more tears escape. Aragorn, the proud ranger, the heir of Elendil, never cried. “I need you too, Eowyn,” he finished, and without another word pressed his lips against hers.

Eowyn’s eyes flickered open. “Ara…g..g…” she gasped.

“Eowyn!” Aragorn clasped her hands tightly. “Rest, Eowyn. All will be well. I’m here.” He bent his head down onto her hands. “I did not mean those things I said. Forgive me, Eowyn.”

Eowyn smiled, then sank into unconciousness.

“My lord?” the healer asked, appearing at Aragorn’s side.

“Give me the Athelas,” Aragorn said without taking his eyes off Eowyn’s face.

The healer pressed a few leaves into his hands.

“Leave us.”

“My lord.” The healer bowed and left.

Aragorn rolled up Eowyn’s sleeve and began to tend her wound. He would cure her. And then he would never, ever, put her into danger again.


So, watcha think?… My friend should be happy with this. To all Arwenagorn and Farawyn shippers, I apologize. To my friend: I do not apologize! Now I need to write some Sarose fics, no?


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    1. Hi, I just realized we haven’t seen you on Ladies of the Ring in a while and I could contact you on my blog! We miss you! I guess you’ve just kind of left, huh? It’s okay if you’ve moved on, no worries.


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