Lembas Bread!

Aiya everybody!

imageToday in homeschool my mom said I could choose what I wanted to do, so long as it was educational. I asked if I could cook and she said sure, so I googled “lembas bread recipes” and found this one. I decided not to make the Mallorn leaf wrappings, but I did use the bread recipe. It was easy, fun to make, and extremely tasty! I wrapped three of them in some leaves and yarn, but they didn’t look that great, so I left the others alone. The recipe’s great and so I highly recommend it. I snuck one of the leaf-wrapped ones into my adventure pouch (which I’ll probably talk about in another post) and since it’s unleavened it should be okay to leave for an adventure sometime during the coming week. That is, if I don’t eat it by tomorrow, which I likely will. The fact that there was no leavening surprised my mom at first, but you can’t simply walk into Mordor with yeast bread and expect it to keep, can you?

Love you lots,



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