Lord of the Rings Fanfiction

The Fellowship’s Chatroom

Elendilsheir has joined the chat

Elendilsheir: Am I the only one online right now?

Leggsielovesarrows has joined the chat

Pip has joined the chat

Merryisawesome has joined the chat

Gimlithegreat has joined the chat

Leggsielovesarrows: Nope, I’m here too.

Pip: & me im here 2.

Merryisawesome: Pippin, stop with the text lingo. I already told you that.

Ringbearer has joined the chat

Po-ta-toeSam has joined the chat

Ringbearer: How are you guys all doing?

Gimlithegreat: I’m wasted on cross-country. We dwarves are natural sprinters and yet Aragorn’s making me do all this running around in the battles.

Po-ta-toeSam: Ugh, that stinks.

Leggsielovesarrows: Well, we need to fight the orcs, after all.

Ringbearer: Oh, you guys are fighting the orcs?

Elendilsheir: Why yes, as a matter of fact we’re distracting them while you go to Mordor.

Ringbearer: …

Po-ta-toeSam: …

Ringbearer: Should we tell them?

Gimlithegreat: Tell us what?

Po-ta-toeSam: Yeah, go ahead.

Ringbearer: Um, we’re actually in the middle of the orc army right now.

Merryisawesome: WHAT?!

Pip: O no that iz 2 bad u must get out now 0.0

Merryisawesome: So what are you going to do?

Ringbearer: No idea – wait Sam, that orc is looking at us! He must see the laptops glowing!

Po-ta-toeSam: Ack! What do we do?

Leggsielovesarrows: Turn it off!

Po-ta-toeSam: How do I turn it off?

Ringbearer: Hit the button, obviously!

Po-ta-toeSam: Right you are Mr. Frodo!

Po-ta-toeSam has left the chat

Ringbearer: Talk to you guys later if we don’t die.

Ringbearer has left the chat

Merryisawesome: I hope they’ll be okay…

Pip: Fro is my cuz & I is worried abt him and Sam wht if they cant get away from the orcs that wld b bad.

Gimlithegreat: Can you speak Common Speech please?

Merryisawesome: I think that translates to “Frodo is my cousin and I am worried about him and Sam. What if they can’t get away from the orcs? That would be bad.”

Pip: Yes that is wht I mnt.

Leggsielovesarrows: …

Gimlithegreat: …

Elendilsheir: He called Frodo “Fro”?

Gandalfthewhite has joined the chat

Gandalfthewhite: Hello.

Elendilsheir: GANDALF. *tackle hugs*

Gandalfthewhite: Where’s Frodo and Sam?

Leggsielovesarrows: They’re with the orcs.

Gandalfthewhite: Yikes. That’s a problem.

Gimlithegreat: Yes, it is, and besides all that Aragorn’s making me do all this running around.

Gandalfthewhite: I see.

Leggsielovesarrows: Stop complaining, Gimli.

Pip: Figwit has more fangirls than u Legolas i saw it on the net hes ppulr and famus peple like him he has more fangirls. I have fangirls.

Merryisawesome: I have two or three fangirls.

Leggsielovesarrows: Hello, I have enough fangirls to form a small army.

Pip: Hello, Figwit has enof fangirls to frm a large army. U only has a small rmy dat is funny.

Merryisawesome: Pippin, enough with the chat speak!

Elendilsheir: I have enough fangirls to form a teeny army, but that’s still better than Gandalf who has enough fangirls to form an army where the numbers are all to the right of the decimal point.

Gandalfthewhite: *glower*

Pip: O gosh Strider he has gvn you the gandalf glare i should no I have been gvn it many times wen he sad i was a fool of a took. >.<

Gimlithegreat: I have zero fangirls and that’s okay! You don’t see many dwarf women anyway.

Merryisawesome: I thought the dwarf women are extinct.

Pip: Merry that iz stupid where would the dwarves come frm if they was extnct I ask u.

Leggsielovesarrows: Okay, we’re NOT getting into that.

Gandalfthewhite: …

Gimlithegreat: …

Elendilsheir: …

Merryisawesome: … don’t they just spring out of holes in the ground?

Gimlithegreat: Oh, that’s funny. Do it again, Hahahahahaha!


Gandalfthegrey: Fool of a Took, you can’t combine terms in texting lingo.

Meryisawesome: Why?

Gandalfthewhite: Because unless you are a fool – which you are – you don’t use text lingo in the first place!

Pip: Hey dat is mean i m not a fool plz don’t say that u has hurt my feelings.

Po-ta-toeSam rejoined the chat.

Po-ta-toeSam: What’s up, I’m back.

Pip: SAM.

Merryisawesome: Where’s Frodo?

Po-ta-toeSam: He’s asleep.

Leggsielovesarrows: How’s it going for you guys, anyway?

Po-ta-toeSam: Not great.

Gandalf thewhite: Why don’t you send us a picture?

Po-ta-toeSam: image

Leggsielovesarrows: Aw that’s cute.

Pip: Iz his head on ur shouldr.

Po-ta-toeSam: No it’s on a rock.

Pip: Gosh ur filthy

Merryisawesome: Pippin! That’s so rude!

Pip: What he is

Gimlithegreat: That’s not at all polite.

Po-ta-toeSam: It’s okay if you like I can send you a selfie I took two weeks ago when we weren’t all dirty.

Pip: Yesyesyes


Leggsielovesarrows: Haha I’m still better looking than all of you.

Gimlithegreat: Nooo not Legolas selfies. Someone kill me.

Leggsielovesarrows: Heehee.image



Pip: U r bing photobombed by Gimli.

Leggsielovesarrows: Wait, why did I post that picture oh gosh where’s the delete key.

Gimlithegreat: Hahahahahahahahahaha….

Po-ta-toeSam: Ooooookkkkkkk……

Merryisawesome: I think the picture of Frodo and Sam is better.

Po-ta-toeSam: The one where I look blond or the one where I look ginger?

Merryisawesome: Both.

Pip: Yes me 2.

Po-ta-toeSam: *embarressed blush*

Gandalfthewhite: Yes yes very cute and all but we have a battle here.

Elendilsheir: Oh, I forgot.

Pip: Whoops.

Po-ta-toeSam: And I should probably make sure Frodo’s not like dying of dehydration or something.

Merryisawesome: Okay, well message us when you destroy the ring.

Leggsielovesarrows: Yes, do that.

Gimlithegreat: Bye everyone.

Gimlithegreat has left the chat

Gandalfthewhite: Aragorn, I’m serious.

Elendilsheir: Fine.

Gandalfthewhite has left the chat

Elendilsheir has left the chat

Leggsielovesarrows: Later, I’m off to be fabulous.

Leggsielovesarrows has left the chat

Pip: Bye Sam.

Merryisawsome: Tell Frodo we love him he’s our cousin after all.

Po-ta-toeSam: Will do.

Merryisawesome has left the chat

Pip has left the chat

Po-ta-toeSam has left the chat.



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